Doc Daneeka

“Warm Rhythmic & Bass heavy House Music”

Hometown: Paris, France
Labels: Ten Thousand Yen, Numbers, 50 Weapons

Doc Daneeka

Doc Daneeka is Ten Thousand Yen's co-founder, DJ/producer and underground house wizard hailing from Swansea (though he's lived everywhere from London, to Berlin, and now Paris). He cites influences as varied as DnB, disco, Dilla, and Miles Davis, informing his fluid and innovative approach to both DJing and production. A Doc Daneeka cut ranges from sample driven, soul-suffused house to industrial, tough techno, and moody, vocal-rich bass music.

A proponent of collaboration, Doc Daneeka (real name Mial Watkins) has teamed up with Seven Davis Jnr, Benjamin Damage, Ratcatcher and Abigail Wyles. And on top of releasing music on Numbers and the illustrious 50 Weapons imprint, has put out music from Julio Bashmore and XXXY on his own Ten Thousand Yen. For someone whose namesake is a jerk (taken from Joseph Heller’s Catch 22), Doc Daneeka certainly is impressive.

Serato talks with Doc Daneeka

Check out this interview with Doc Daneeka where we caught him in Paris during his regular show on Rinse FM to hear what makes him tick, and why he’s still using turntables.


Serato with Doc Daneeka