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Expansion Packs for Serato DJ Pro

Do more than ever before...

Ready to expand your horizons? Take your Serato DJ Pro skills to the next level with our Expansion Packs. Add one - or all - to your setup to add exciting new elements to your set and boost your performance.


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Serato DJ Expansions bundle includes Serato Play, Serato FX, Serato Flip, Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ, Serato DVS and Serato Video.

  • Change a track’s key and tempo with perfect audio quality
  • Expand your set up with vinyl, CDJs or Video
  • New creative tools to make your sets stand out
  • And much more...
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Instantly sync your samples

Expand your setup further

Serato Remote

Serato Remote

Wireless control of Serato DJ Pro's top functions.



Easily create impressive lighting displays with Serato DJ Pro

Serato Control Vinyl

Serato Control Vinyl

Official Control Vinyl for Serato DJ Pro


Ableton Link

Ableton Link for Serato DJ Pro

Friends of Serato

Mixed In Key

Mixed in Key

Advanced Key, Energy and Cue Point detection algorithms for Serato DJ Pro and Scratch Live



Advanced Video DJing software for Serato DJ Pro and Scratch Live



Master the skills the world’s best musicians use to create the world’s greatest music



Instant online audio mastering software