Purpose-built for beat making
Fast, simple workflow

The fastest and most intuitive DAW for making beats

Create album-quality beats easily with Studio's modern workflow, unrivaled sampling, and powerful audio separation technology - purpose-built for beat makers.

New in 2.0

Infinite sampling possibilities with stem separation

Unlock the full potential of sampling with Studio’s renowned sampler and Serato Stems. With the click of a button, you can separate, isolate and manipulate samples in real-time, opening up new creative possibilities and helping you to create your own unique sounds.

  • Acapellas, melodies, basslines, drums or any combination - in a click
  • Unbeatable real-time performance and sound quality
  • The single biggest advancement in sampling since the digital sampler - free.
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Discover how fast you can build a world-class beat

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The world’s best sampling technology

Take your place among chart-topping music producers and use Studio’s unrivaled sampler to create the next big hit. At the click of a button you can flip, layer, chop and separate samples to create a unique new sound.


Load & sync

Drop in any audio and Studio will match it to the key and BPM of your project no matter how much you change them.


Find samples

Hit ‘Find Samples’ to magically seek out the best samples in your audio and set cues to the beat.


Flip it

Isolate your samples’ stems, speed them up or slow them down, change the key, and add FX and more with Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time technology.

Producer using Serato Studio

From idea to song in lightning speed

Snap into your creative flow with Studio’s powerful music production technology, designed to help you create high-quality beats in seconds.


Build and develop ideas quickly

Develop the foundation of your song quickly with Scene Clips. Then, drag, drop, and edit your Scene and Audio clips in the Song View to easily arrange.


Instantly sound great and in key

Unlock your creativity with Studio’s modern music-theory tools. Play In Key mode ensures you only use notes that sound good. Auto Chord gives you instant chords with a single note. Master Key lets you adjust your whole song’s key with one click, perfectly in sync thanks to Pitch ‘n Time.


Visualize your tracks in real time

Waveforms dynamically update as you build your track. With a glance you can see the frequencies of all audio displayed in full color, for faster EQing and efficient mixing and mastering.

New in 2.0

Get your music seen with Serato Visualizer

Serato Visualizer

Optimised for:

Create professional, attention-grabbing videos for your music with Serato Visualizer, the best audiovisual content creation tool for Music Producers. Learn more

Hector Delgado headshot

     The sampling capacity is crazy in Studio - it’s super quick and helps you get ideas out really fast and find little ideas that you probably wouldn't have found.”

Hector Delgado

Producer / A$AP Mob

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