“I just wanna make room for women in places that we're so used to only seeing dudes. Behind turntables, on stages, behind the music.”

Hometown: Los Angeles, United States
Label: Fool's Gold


The next addition to our Serato Artists roster comes in the form of Kittens, aka Lauren Abedini. While Abedini grew up ballet dancing, she was eventually drawn to DJing through exposure to LA’s underground beat scene. From sneaking into Low End Theory nights as a teenager, Abedini soon transitioned to turntables, learning tricks from the Gaslamp Killer himself.

While she identified with the music, Abedini was struck by the scene's total absence of women and resolved to help fill the void. Since then, Abedini has made significant leaps in her career as a DJ/producer - as well as working with Kid Cudi and Usher, she has released remixes for Fool's Gold and currently produces alongside Falcons, Hoodboi and Promnite as the Athletixx crew. She has been outspoken on women's issues both in and outside of the music industry, and hosts regular female-only DJ workshops. And aside from any of that, is a dope DJ and selector.

Who better to tell her story, though, than Abedini herself? Check our interview with her below to find out more.

Serato talks with Kittens

Check our interview with the West Coast producer/DJ to hear how sneaking into Low End Theory nights sparked a love for DJing, and why she's giving the middle finger to music industry misogyny.


Serato with Kittens