“I think that people should listen more to the music instead of watching.”

Hometown: Brussels, Belgium.
Label: Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records

Lefto's DJ setup with 




10 Serato Control Vinyl

10" Serato Control Vinyl


The word “tastemaker” certainly gets a thrown around a lot whenever Lefto’s name pops up. Listen to any one of his Boiler Room sets or Studio Brussel’s radio shows and you’ll hear why. Rarely do two sets ever sound the same, and it’s not unusual for the Belgian DJ to jump effortlessly between neck-snapping hip hop   R B to afro-futurist jazz, to Turkish folk, to the unclassifiable.

Lefto refined his knack for digging while working at record store Music Mania in his hometown Brussels, immersing himself in hip hop and jazz - the latter eventually turning into a remix album with Blue Note. He’s also heavily affiliated with Brownswood Records and Gilles Peterson, as well as BBE records and Stones Throw, and - we’re proud to say - is a long time friend of Serato.

Watch our interview below to learn more about the eclectic DJ and check snippets of his recent set in New Zealand.


Serato talks with Lefto

While in our capital city, Wellington, NZ, we had the pleasure of catching up with Belgium local and long time Serato friend Lefto. Check the interview, cut with some live footage from his set to find out about the meaning of Lefto, both name wise, and behind the decks, how he finds his music and how he uses Serato.