“We need more drum breaks, this is my gift...”

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Okayplayer, Def Jam

About Questlove

Producer, percussionist, frontman, DJ, restaurateur, author, teacher, thinker, legend… yes, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson works. Trying to track his 30+ year career is a dizzying experience, even without spiralling down the numerous musical wormholes comprising it.

It all kicked off early for Thompson, who grew up in Philly and on the road with his parents’ Doo-Wop band (they didn’t trust babysitters). Age 7 he was drumming on stage. Age 13 he was his father’s musical director. And by his high school graduation, Questlove had formed what would become Grammy Award-winning band The Roots.

He’s worked with some of the most important hip-hop artists of the last two decades, from Badu, D’Angelo, Dilla, Common, Slum Village, John Legend, N*E*R*D - the list goes on and on.

For his Serato collaboration, Questlove strips it back to where it all began - the breaks. Check out our interview with Questlove below and hear him break it all down.

Available now from the Serato online store

Questlove on his “Sufro Breaks” with Serato

Legendary percussionist Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson speaks on his process for the Sufro Breaks: a delicious journey through seven classic break beats.


Questlove on his "Sufro Breaks" with Serato