DJ Eskei83

“It is all about rocking the party with skills & the right tracks. High energy music & all kinds of technical tricks from scratching to hitting drum pads. That is what I want to deliver in my sets and enjoy the crowd.”

Hometown: Dresden, Germany.
Label: Crispy Crust Records (owner), Ching Zeng
Residency: “Goodies” in Dresden, every 6-8 weeks.

Eskei83's DJ setup with 

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9

Rane Sixty-Two

Rane 62

About Eskei83

Germany is hardly renowned for its hip hop DJs, but Eskei83 is a fierce denial of that stereotype. While his 2014 championship at the World Red Bull Thre3style bolstered his global profile, he’s been embraced by the heavyweights for more than a minute. Jazzy Jeff, A‑Trak, Just Blaze, Shiftee and Four Color Zack have all come through to play at Eskei’s party Goodies, in Dresden - the same guys who influenced him as a budding DJ/producer.

Originally it was production that got Eskei into DJing. After discovering the signature scratching on DJ Premier’s beats he wanted to incorporate the same into his own sound. 15 years later and Eskei has come full circle, releasing original productions on his own label, Crispy Crust Records alongside Drunken Masters. Check Eskei’s performance and interview below to hear more about what makes him tick, and see the master at work.

Eskei83's Crispy Crust Serato Pressing

Available now from the Serato online store

Performance + Interview Video

In the lead up to the 2015 Red Bull Thre3Style competition we caught up with 2014 World Champion Eskei83 in Dresden. While showing us around his ridiculously scenic hometown he opens up about what's changed since his Thre3style win and the German hip hop scene, before treating us to an exclusive performance.

Eskei83 on the DJM-S9

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 is out! Eskei83 shows why he’s a Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion with this routine, really showcasing all that this new battle mixer and Serato DJ offers.

Serato x Crispy Crust Control Vinyl

From Munich to Los Angeles, this may be the longest pizza delivery ever travelled. And somehow, it's STILL (ahh) fresh. Watch the man DJ Eskei do his thing on the super special Crispy Crust x Serato Control Vinyl.