Diamond Kuts

Diamond Kuts

I want to represent for the girls that care about the technical DJing.”

Platinum Key Music Group

Next in our Serato Artists lineup we called into Philly to meet one of its most formidable musical exports, DJ Diamond Kuts.

Born Tina Dunham, it was Diamond Kuts’ father and legendary Philly MC, Grand Tone, who introduced her to DJing after gifting her a belt drive turntable for Christmas. Almost immediately, Kuts was obsessed and began stashing her pennies to upgrade to a set of Technics. After linking up with local DJs, Diamond Kuts began to cultivate a following around school where kids would line up for her monthly mixtapes, and was DJing regular stints at local clubs before she could even legally attend them.

If that wasn’t enough to take in, she has guest DJ'd for BET's hip hop-centric TV shows Rap City and The Deal, is a radio DJ for Philly’s Power99FM and has produced tracks for Nicky Minaj, Sissy Nobby and Lumidee. In a rare diversion from her beloved turntables, we got Diamond Kuts pulling her tricks on the Roland DJ-808. Check her routine and interview below to be impressed.

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