Nick Hook

“I love to collaborate. I love making records. I love the process of making records. I love bringing people together who may not have ever had a chance to meet, whether it be in the studio or the club.”

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Labels: Ninja Tune, Play It Down

Nick Hook and the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX

Nick uses Serato DJ with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX as his party setup.

Watch this performance video of him getting hands on with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX and Serato Remote.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX

Nick Hook Collage V.1 Serato Pressing + Documentary

This project is a new and unique approach that brings Serato Pressings to life. Serato followed Nick Hook and documented his journey to produce the tracks which will be released on this Serato Pressing in December 2014.

The journey, which began in LA in February 2014 with Egyptian Lover, Lenny Castro, Todd Edwards and Sunni Colon. Then carries on in New York with Bernie Worrell, Kilo Kish, Bodega Bamz, Crystal Caines, Sliink, Nadus, Cmat and DJ Paypal. Throughout the project we show the process and capture the magic that brings each track to life... as well as giving you an insight into how Nick Hook works.

Released as a 5 part series, the first four episodes covering the recording and production of each track, and the fifth revolving around the other side of the process - the artwork production, final touches on the music and the physical production of the record. The series culminates in a visit to United Records in Nashville where the record is pressed.

Nick Hook's Collage V.1 Serato Pressing


1. J.A.M.I.T. ft. Egyptian Lover - Stream Now
2. Going Back 2 ft. Bodega Bamz, Crystal Caines, DJ Sliink, Nadus - Stream Now
3. Jaco ft. Todd Edwards, Kilo Kish - Stream Now
4. Wurly ft. Bernie Worrell, Cmat - Stream Now

Videos with Serato

"I wish I could be in the NBA" Documentary

This 5 Episode documentary follows Nick Hook during the recording, producing and pressing processes of his 'Collage V.1' Serato pressing. Take the journey with Nick as he collaborates with some amazing artists who add their unique style to Nick's vision. View the full film above or watch episodes 1-5 separately.




Nick Hook 'I wish I could be in the NBA' - Episode 5