DJ Hedspin

“Whenever I play a show, my goal is to inspire at least one DJ to push the art form, make at least one person a fan of a song they've never heard, and do at least one thing someone will remember.”

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Label: Think Twice (45 Label)

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About DJ Hedspin

Introducing turntable maestro, Vancouver native and general stand up guy, DJ Hedspin. As a two-time Canadian Thre3Style champ and winner of the inaugural Worldwide Thre3Style Competition, his technical skills needs little endorsement. What makes Hespin super special, however, is his ability to draw energy from the crowd, and respond accordingly. A Hedspin set is always honest, fun, and never forced - a liberating feat for the DJ and fan alike.

Growing up Hedspin’s parents hoped their son would become a doctor or nurse, but he had other plans. A taste for record collecting evolved into an obsession with DJing, carving his path as an eventual leading force in Vancouver’s club circuit. His influences are vast, weaving funk, soul, reggae and early-electronic influences into hip‑hop and trap-laden sets. Fast forward to life after a worldwide championship and Hedspin has gone from strength to strength, sparking new levels of worldwide acclaim. Aside from a relentless international touring schedule, Hedspin has released original productions on Mad Decent and a ton of remixes, while staying busy collaborating with his DJ Crew, The Eh! Team.

Performance + Interview Video

In the lead up to the 2015 Red Bull Thre3Styles we caught up with 2011 and 2012 World Champions Hedspin and Four Color Zack in Vancouver to talk about how it all started for them, what the Thre3Styles are about, and to get some advice for future entrants. Of course we got them to show off some of their skills too. Check the interview and performances here.



Red Bull Thre3Style Past Winners - DJ Hedspin and Four Color Zack