Serato Remote

Convenient touchscreen control with Serato Remote

Serato Remote and Serato Remote Mini give you comprehensive control of all your favorite Serato DJ Pro functions without wires or fuss - or even needing to touch your laptop. It lets you control 8 Cue Points, Loops and Samples, load tracks, browse your library and manipulate effects in ways that weren’t previously possible. The Serato Remote and Serato Remote Mini are available from the app store.

See Serato’s famous Virtual Decks and Track Overview so you can focus on the crowd and free yourself from your laptop.


Serato Remote is an iOS app designed to complement your existing Serato DJ Pro setup, whether that be CDJs, Turntables or a controller. Connect via USB for ultra low latency or roam the venue and connect over Wi-Fi.

Ease of use

Serato Remote is clean, simple and functional, with colors and features that match Serato DJ Pro and easy-to-hit controls that let you focus on only the most important features.


Manipulate DJ effects, Slicer and loop rolls simultaneously with one hand in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Add advanced functionality for laptop-only DJing in Lite and Pro.

Create, save, and play back custom edits of your tracks.

Add video to your sets with in-depth effects and transitions.

Add control vinyl and CD integration for supported hardware.

Key shift and key sync with perfect audio quality.

Make a set your own with a variety of customisable effects.

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