Serato Remote

Convenient touchscreen control with Serato Remote

Serato Remote and Serato Remote Mini give you comprehensive control of all your favorite Serato DJ Pro functions without wires or fuss - or even needing to touch your laptop. It lets you control 8 Cue Points, Loops and Samples, load tracks, browse your library and manipulate effects in ways that weren’t previously possible. The Serato Remote and Serato Remote Mini are available from the app store.

See Serato’s famous Virtual Decks and Track Overview so you can focus on the crowd and free yourself from your laptop.

Get all Expansion Packs

Serato DJ Expansions bundle includes Serato Play, Serato FX, Serato Flip, Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ, Serato DVS and Serato Video.

  • Change a track’s key and tempo with perfect audio quality
  • Expand your set up with vinyl, CDJs or Video
  • New creative tools to make your sets stand out
  • And much more...
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Instantly sync your samples

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Add advanced functionality for laptop-only DJing with just your laptop.

Change a track's key and tempo with perfect audio quality.

Make a set your own with 60+ new customizable effects.

Create, save, and play back custom edits of your tracks.

Use vinyl, CDJs, and media players in your setup.

Add video to your sets with in-depth effects and transitions.