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Pro Tip: Trigger Saved Loops

In Serato DJ 1.7.2 you are now able to toggle, select and trigger your saved loops directly from Pioneer DDJ-SR. Learn some pro tips for saving and triggering custom loops.

Pro Tips on Flips 2

Serato Flip is now available as an Expansion Pack for Serato DJ 1.7. Check out the second round of hot tips and examples of what you can do!

Pro Tips on Flips

Serato Flip is now available as an Expansion Pack for Serato DJ 1.7. Check out some hot tips and some examples of what you can do!

Pro Tip: Emojis in your librariez!

Call it cheesy but Emojis are probably the best way to customise your Serato library. Lets face it, Emojis are basically your ticket to respect. Mac users, read on!

Serato x Redbull Masterclass

We recently teamed up with our friends at Red Bull Studios Auckland to put together the Serato Masterclass. The Masterclass series highlights specific advanced sections of our software, along with some handy tips and tricks you can add to your workflow.

Pro Tip: 3 Things. Short & Sweet

Three short, sharp and handy little Pro Tips that could improve your workflow.

Pro Tip: Saving Image & Text Effects in Serato Video

Whether you're looking to show off your slick DJ Name in a crazy font, show drink specials at the bar or display a logo, Serato Video Text and Image Effects is a great tool. What's even better, is that you can save these effects so that they're ready each time you play.

Pro Tips: Serato DJ Keyboard Shortcuts

Is your mouse control a bit too slow to access features on the fly? Check out this list of handy computer keyboard shortcuts to access features in the software a bit faster and let us know your favorites.

Pro Tips: Serato DJ Playlists

Have you ever wanted to share your DJ set quickly and easily? Read this how to guide on creating and sharing your Serato Playlists on Serato.com and Mixcloud to find out how.

Pro Tips: Use the Media Crate!

Want to add a collection of visual clips to your set without thinking about it too much? The Media Crate is perfect! Read on, and learn how to use it...

Pro Tips: Halving or Doubling BPM

Do you ever find that you've analysed a track and it's saying 130 BPM but you want it at 65 BPM. Read on...

Pro Tips: Rane Interfaces with Serato DJ

With the transition from Serato Scratch Live to Serato DJ you will notice there are a few differences in how your Rane hardware behaves. This article explains a few of the changes in the software for the Rane SL2, SL3 and SL4 interfaces.