Serato x Redbull Masterclass

We teamed up with our good friends down the road at Red Bull Studios, Auckland to deliver the Serato Masterclass. The Masterclass aims to specifically highlight advanced sections of our software, along with providing some handy tips and tricks you can add to your own workflow.

If you missed out on any episodes, check out the entire series below:

Session 1: In this first session, Michael takes us through the 'Four Commandments' identifying four keyboard shortcuts that you need to know.

Session 2: In session two Michael takes us through how to best use a USB drive within Serato DJ at a live gig through the use of Crates

Session 3: In this session Michael takes us through how to set and adjust Beat Grids in Serato DJ

Session 4: In this session, Michael takes us through the Sync, Smart Sync and Quantize features 

Session 5: Here, Mak takes us through using Serato Remote and its Slicer & FX Roll features.

Session 6: Mak from Serato takes us through using Serato Video and the Media crate to improve your VJ set:

Session 7: In the seventh and final session, Mak takes us through using DJ FX, and how to apply these in both Single and Multi-FX mode