Pro Tips on Flips 2

If you haven't dabbled in the realm of Serato Flip just yet here's a few reasons that'll nudge you in this direction!

Serato Flip is and Expansion Pack available for purchase in Serato DJ 1.7.

Lacking Clean Edits?

Are you a radio DJ that is constantly exposed to the real struggle of finding clean edits for your latest bangers? Serato Flip along with Serato DJ's Censor feature will get you that clean edit in no time. Best of all, you don't even need to have your gear connected.

Before you get started, it's good to remember that Serato DJ will not record any of your playhead movements. This means you can scroll through the track as much as you want without any of that playback being recorded. Flip only records actions, when and where you perform them in the track.

  1. Start by locating all the points in the song you would like to edit. 
  2. Once you've roughly figured this out, open Serato Flip.
  3. Start by scrolling through the track to find the first part you would like to censor. Set the playhead marker to start playing a few seconds before this.
  4. If you've got your hardware connected, set your view mode to Extended so that you get full view of the waveform, which is really helpful for doing this.
  5. From here it's a matter of timing. Start by arming Serato Flip, then Press play Press on the Deck. Be aware that as you approach the Cue Point marker, you need to ready to hit the Censor button. As soon as you reach the Cue Point marker hold the Press & Hold the Censor button until you're past the word or phrase you want to censor (If you're in Offline mode, use the 'U' key on your keyboard to Censor).
  6. Now that you've censored one part, its just a matter of repeating this process until you've covered all your sections. Once all these sections have been censored, hit the Flip Record button again to end the Flip and turn Loop off before hitting the Save button to save this Flip to one of your 6 Slots.

Always wanted to make your own Scratch Records? 

Have you got a killer acapella of a track that has some great sound bites that you could scratch with? Arranging and sequencing this acapella with Serato Flip is a great way to make your own personal scratch sentence. 

Again, you can do this in Offline mode, but for practical reasons it's best you have your gear hooked up for this one. 

  1. Start by marking out the sections of the track you'd like to use for your Scratch Record with cue points. From here, Open Serato Flip.
  2. With the Deck Paused, Arm Flip and hit the first Cue Point. From here Press Play and let the track play for the duration of the sound bite before either Stopping the track with the platter/turntable or hitting the Play/Pause button.
  3. Then hit the next Cue Point and again let the track play for the duration of the sound bite. From here its just a matter of repeating the process until you've got all the sound bites recorded.
  4. Remember to let the duration of the sound bite play before stopping the track and hitting the next cue.
  5. Once you're finished, hit Flip Record to end the recording, turn loop off (or keep it on if you want to loop this scratch sentence), and save the Flip to one of your 6 open slots.

The Serato Flip opens a door to endless creativity, have you got any Serato Flip tips up your sleeve?

If you need any help, you can get in touch with our support team via the brand new Serato Support area.