Pro Tip: Trigger Saved Loops

In Serato DJ 1.7.2 you are now able to toggle, select and trigger your saved loops from your Pioneer DDJ-SR. 

How does that work?

To enter saved loop mode hit the SHIFT + ROLL buttons. 

You'll now notice that the saved loops in the track you have loaded will now be represented by one of the 8 performance pads. 

To turn ON a saved loop, simply hit one of the performance pads. To turn it off, simply strike that same pad again.

To jump-to or trigger a loop hold SHIFT + PAD

If you wish to jump back to Loop Roll mode, simple hit the ROLL button.

How to save your loops? 

In Serato DJ you can create Manuals Loops, to achieve a specific sized loop. You can save up to eight loops for each track and recall those loops when required.

To save a loop:

1. Create a manual loop or engage an auto loop.

2. Open the loop tab next to the Virtual Deck and in one of the eight available loop slots click the '+' icon to save the loop.

3. You can also lock these loops using the small padlock icon, which means that they can't be altered or deleted.

NOTE: Your loops are saved to the file and recalled the next time it is loaded. They are not lost if the file is moved or renamed.