Pro Tip: 3 Things. Short & Sweet

Alrighty, here're three, short, sharp and handy little Pro Tips that could improve your workflow.

1. Auto Populating Sample Slots

Like the name suggests, this is a simple trick that can eliminate the 'hassle' of dragging and dropping Samples/Stings/Drops to each slot. To do this:

1. Build a Crate containing six different samples/stings/drops

2. Click the # column header to arrange chronologically. Arrange your samples/stings/drops further if needed, by dragging each track into the desired order.

3. Select all tracks and drag them to the first vacant slot to populate all slots.

2. Turning a History Session into a Crate

Have you ever played a killer set and wanted to add it to your Crate arsenal? Perhaps you pulled off a few mind blowing mashups or remixes and you're wanting to perform them again? Building a Crate is the best way to save these.

1. Start by locating the exact session by opening the History panel. The sessions are arranged by date, if you know the exact date -  awesome; if you don't, as long as you have a rough idea of when it was, you'll be able to find it.

2. Once you've found you're session, drag and drop this session on the 'Add Crate' button. A new Crate with the session date as the title will contain all of the tracks played along with the order they were played in. You'll be able to rename this Crate now as well by double clicking on the Crate name.

3. Playback Keys Use Shift

This is feature has been around in Serato software for a while now, however it still stumps a few people. To take it back it basics, the 'Playback keys use shift' preference is there to prevent users  from accidentally triggering the keyboard shortcuts used for playback such as (play, pause, bend, pitch +/-, rewind, fast forward, censor and jump to cue points).

If you are the type of DJ that uses the search function this is perfect, as it'll prevent the accidental 'Play in Reverse' keyboard shortcut for example if you were to press the 'Q' key while looking for a song.

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Got some Pro Tips that could take your work flow from 0-100? Let us know!

Comments (14)

Dj DejiLex 3:02 AM - 30 July, 2014
Great feature about 'Turning a History Session into a Crate' am the type who plays histories a lot .
938MyDJ 5:36 AM - 30 July, 2014
If using "playback keys use shift," don't search with CAPS Lock ON. This killed me once before... Unwanted Reverse Playback, lol!
Pure Juice 6:20 PM - 4 August, 2014
use hot cue at less five. live or serato dj,now your ready for the party.
DJ Dynamight 7:11 PM - 4 August, 2014
#1 is good to know! Thanks!
Boston Block Maddnes 3:39 AM - 5 August, 2014
Creating off my own ideas! with the crate i can built bigger vibe or vision of my own…. Loveing it
DJ RvB 8:12 PM - 11 August, 2014
I also use "Turning a History Session into a Crate" but I have question to the Serato Crew, why can't you save the same track multiple times in a crate? I also use Pioneers Rekord Box and in their Playlist it's possible to do that. I often pay sets that are over five long and sometimes I play the same track for example in the first and in the last hour. But when I "Turning a History Session into a Crate" the song only appears the first time. Is it possible to do somthing about this?
DJ VEE 1:57 AM - 12 August, 2014
Try exporting it as an m3u file. It will go to your Serato folder, history. Take that and import it in to your iTunes.
I export the events I have done as an m3u file and text file, then save them in a "past events" folder, in case I need to reference them at a later time.
You shoul then be able to take the iTunes play list and build a crate with the same song multiple times. Or, just drag that song in to the crate again once you have built the crate?
DJ RvB 9:22 AM - 12 August, 2014
I don't use ITunes (not playing on Mac) so I have't tried to that. But I can't drag the same track that's already in a crate once more like in Rekord Box (Rekord Box recognize that the track is already in the playlist but and ask you if you want to multiple it, and if you say yes it will do that) but I can't find that feature in Serato DJ.
DJ VEE 12:59 PM - 12 August, 2014
Not sure then. I'm still on Scratch Live. Waiting to pull the trigger on a 64. I'm still nervous to do so, with all the issues I'm reading about, lol
Dj Uri Dalal 10:48 PM - 22 November, 2014
Why does the software pick and choose what not to include in the crate every single time. I always have to go back in and fix it. So ANNOYING. Also if you play something twice it should be included, I mean HELLOOOOOOO! Maybe the second time you played something it was a better mix. Maybe you were practicing or something. Sometimes at corporate events you have to play the same dumb shit over and over.
DJ UMIT SAG 1:18 AM - 15 March, 2015
Serato DVS pack active,SP6 no sync button, I bought reloop neon for SP6 but no sync..I hope that will be corrected.
DeeJay Taz 5:42 AM - 1 July, 2015
Does anyone no about Day time mode? Serato Live had the feature but i can't find it in DJ 12:35 AM - 25 September, 2015
come back BRIDGE!!

I'm still use scratch live.... DVS expansion for serato dj not like
Olee 7:48 PM - 2 April, 2016
Serato DVS pack active,SP6 no sync button, I bought reloop neon for SP6 but no sync..I hope that will be corrected.

Wondering if this has been updated?
If there is a place I would be glad to have the "sycn" fonction, it's with the SP6.

I currently use SeratoDj 1.9.0 with SL-2, and still no "sync" available with SP6.