Serato wins big at DJ Mag Tech Awards 2011

Posted on 30 October, 2011

Proving what many of the world’s best DJs have known for years, Serato Scratch Live software has won the DJ Mag Tech Awards Best DJ Software Award at the 2011 BPM DJ show in Birmingham.

The success didn’t stop there, with another four DJ Mag Tech Awards going to Serato hardware partners for Scratch Live and ITCH products.

The Best DJ Soundcard Award went to the Rane SL 4, the first dual USB interface for DJs with 24-bit sound processing and switchable 96kHZ/48kHZ sample rates.

Serato’s ITCH software was so popular it was given a category of its own, and the Numark NS6 took center stage, winning the award for Best Dedicated ITCH Controller.

Co-designed to work seamlessly with Serato ITCH, the feature packed Novation TWITCH was the judges’ choice for Best Compact Computer DJ Interface.

The success earned by ITCH controllers at the DJ Mag Tech Awards was further bolstered by the Denon HC5000 controller; the public’s pick for Best Dual Multimedia Player.

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