Serato Studio 1.4 is here

You talked, we listened

Serato Studio 1.4 is here with outright pricing, audio tracks for creating DJ edits and all free trials have been reset.

Key Features of Serato Studio 1.4

  • Buy Studio for USD 249 - In addition to a subscription offer, Studio is now also available as a one-off purchase, giving users free updates until Serato Studio 2.0

  • Monthly price drop - Serato has reduced the price of a monthly subscription to USD 9.99 per month, down from USD 14.99 per month

  • Audio tracks- Load a full song into Serato Studio for a quick but powerful way to make DJ edits

  • Endless Slicer in Audio Track and Sample Deck - Endless Slicer lets you slice up the song in a single click making it easy to rearrange it how you want

  • Improved Mute/Solo Interface - Solo is now a dedicated button next to Mute in the sequencer

  • First Cue Point is set on downbeat - Serato Studio will instantly find and set a Cue Point on the first downbeat of a track

  • Free trial reset - All trials have been reset in Serato Studio, meaning anyone who has used their free 14-day trial already can still try Serato Studio 1.4 out for free 

What does an outright purchase include?

Serato Studio is now available as a one-off purchase of USD 199, which gives you a fully-featured version of the software plus all the benefits of a Studio subscription.

Studio is now even more affordable for monthly subscribers, lowering the price to USD 9.99 per month, down from USD 14.99 per month. 

The ultimate DJ edit & remixing tool

DJs can now spend their days making DJ edits and their nights playing them out using Studio’s hotly-anticipated audio tracks.

This allows you to take a long section of audio and apply it across multiple scenes and song arrangement, giving users a quick yet powerful way to put a creative spin on their favorite tracks.

Take another free trial of Serato Studio

Serato has reset all trials for this release, meaning anyone who has already used up their Serato Studio trial can do so once again and try audio tracks for free.