Out now: Get Serato Studio 1.1

What’s new in Serato Studio 1.1

Serato Studio 1.1 brings a raft of feature improvements for beat makers. This is a free update for all Serato Studio subscribers. If you’re not currently subscribed to Serato Studio you can start a free trial here.

Note Velocity Editing

Get dynamic range across your drums, samples and instruments by editing the velocity of each note. Editing velocity is simple, just hold ‘COMMAND’ and click drag your notes’ velocity up or down.

Braker Effect

Mix up your productions with the DJ-style Braker effect, which you’ll find in the FX drop down menu. 

AKAI PRO MPK Mini2 Mapping

Our most popular MIDI controller, the AKAI PRO MPK Mini2, is now natively mapped to Serato Studio so you can use the two seamlessly to make beats.  View the quickstart guide here.

iTunes Library support 

Access to your whole iTunes Library directly in Serato Studio for even more inspiration.