Support for the PRIME 4 and SC5000M is here

This is an exciting day. We are thrilled to be able to deliver Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1 - this brings official support of Denon DJ’s incredible controller the PRIME 4, as well as the SCM5000M, as an Official Serato Accessory.

The PRIME 4 is everything a DJ could ever want, packaged into one sleek unit. A 4-channel DJ system, with a 10-inch touch display and Dedicated Zone Output. This all-in-one unit allows any user to bring a main stage level performance to any venue, allowing the pinnacle of control, capability, and performance. 

The SC5000M Prime is the world’s only professional DJ media player with a 7” motorized platter that delivers a true, mechanical spin beneath your fingertips. This unit is perfectly suited for DJs wanting motorized control on a media player, which boasts ultra-high-resolution platter response and authentic vinyl experience, in both a live performance and studio environment.

Support for these units have been eagerly awaited, and we are looking forward to seeing how DJs of all levels experience them with the power of Serato in the palm of their hands. 

Denon DJ PRIME 4 - Key Features: 

  • 10” touch screen with positionable angle

  • XLR master, booth and zone outputs 

  • Six Serato FX controls with OLED screen parameter view

  • Two dedicated mic channels with individual EQ, level and echo effect with instant on/off or talk-over

  • 8 performance pads per deck letting you control Serato DJ Pro modes

  • Dedicated Beat Grid edit controls 

  • Track select knob with deck load buttons and back/forward navigation 

  • Serato DVS ready (Expansion Pack required)

Denon DJ SC5000M Prime - Key Features: 

  • 7” HD touch screen display 

  • 8 performance pads to control Serato DJ Pro modes

  • Die-cast aluminum platter with ultra-high resolution MIDI

  • Variable torque adjustment

  • Track select/load knob 

  • Auto loop with loop move and manual loop in/out controls

Download the updated firmware to use Serato DJ Pro with the Denon DJ PRIME 4 or SC5000M: