Serato support for macOS Catalina - Here's what you need to know

Serato support for macOS Catalina - here’s what you need to know

Serato DJ Pro and Lite

Released today, DJ Pro 2.3 and DJ Lite 1.3 are both supported in macOS Catalina. Apple’s new ‘Music’ app is also supported which means it will be a seamless transition for DJs. Libraries are loaded automatically with no need for manual exporting.

However, there is a collection of DJ hardware from some of our partners that do not currently work with macOS Catalina. This is out of Serato’s control and all DJs should check the support status of their hardware in the link below before updating. 

PLEASE CHECK: Serato DJ Pro & macOS 10.15 compatibility & hardware information

It’s also important to know that new Apple laptops cannot be downgraded from Catalina. 

Beyond the support of Catalina, today’s release brings forth these additional updates:

Rane TWELVE and other motorized platter improvements for DJ Pro

  • Major improvements to the scratching technology for the Rane TWELVE and other devices with motorized platters. 

HID platter improvements for DJ Pro 

  • HID platter audio playback improvements for hardware used with Windows 7. 

Serato Studio

Serato is pleased to announce that Studio 1.3.1 is fully supported in Catalina.

Serato Sample and Pitch ’n Time Pro and LE

These products are not yet supported but are actively being worked on. An update will be released as soon as this development is complete.

Serato Support

Having issues? Please contact the Serato Support team here: