Out now: Get Serato Studio 1.2

Serato Studio 1.2 brings sidechain compression, scene page looping, exporting drum stems and much more - your beats will flow like never before. Serato Studio 1.2 will excel you to the next level, planting another foot on the purple brick road that is your beat making journey with Serato. 

Sidechain compression:

All your layers sounding as one - sidechain compression allows you to assign specific instrument or sample layers to another instrument of your song, bringing flow and movement to your song that you weren’t able to achieve in Serato Studio previously. For example, sidechain your bassline to your kick drum to maintain the intensity of the kick punching through, without turning down the bass layer overall and sacrificing the low end of your track on the whole. Sidechain compression is how you get the waving, tremolo effect, used a lot throughout the early music from Flume.

Ability to loop a scene page: 

You now have the ability to loop individual scene pages. Instead of having to repeatedly click stop/play, you can loop your scene and let it run until it’s sounding how you want it to. Don’t worry about the pesky mechanics - focus on creating the best sound you can. 

Export drum deck pad stems:

You are now able to craft your drum beat in Serato Studio, and then export it as audio. This can be done for individual components of the beat, such as the kick or snare, or all layers overall.  This allows you to bring the stem back into Serato Studio as an audio file, allowing you to manipulate it to your liking to get it sounding just right in the mix. Alternatively, you can export the drums you’ve created in Serato Studio and continue working on it in another third-party application.

Mute/solo per drum deck pad:

You now have the ability to mute and solo individual drum deck pads. Sometimes you need to mute the rest of your layers to ensure the nuances and inflictions in your drums are cutting through the way that you want them to. You can now listen to your drum decks on their own, giving you the opportunity to get everything perfect. 

Reorder decks in the scene player:

The early stages of assembling ideas into a song can lack some structure - that’s one of the best parts about. However, as your ideas start to develop and take shape, a definite order of layers and instruments begins to reveal itself. In Serato Studio, you can now reorder the decks in your scene player so it makes the most sense to you. 

In-app notifications: 

We’re constantly releasing new sound packs for you to use and create your own magic with on Serato Studio. Some of our own creation, such as our Dusty Cratessound packs for all things lo-fi. Some are by expert creation from grammy-nominated producers, such as ourJust Blaze sound pack. You will now get notifications within the software when new sound packs are ready - all you have to do is click, and they’re yours. 

Demo projects added to sound pack installer:

Along with being able to download our exclusive sound packs, Serato Studio project files will be made available for you to download and open up for yourself. You can remix the session, take inspiration or learn about different production styles by seeing a finished result right in front of you. 

All of these features and so much more are available with Serato Studio 1.2 - we’re thrilled to be able to deliver these updates to you and can’t wait to see what new heights you reach with them.

Download Serato Studio 1.2