Introducing the Roland DJ-707M

Introducing the Roland DJ-707M - supported now in Serato DJ Pro 2.2.2

The Roland DJ-707M is the ultimate controller for mobile & event DJs. Unlocking Serato DJ Pro and being a paid upgrade to Serato DVS, the 707M comes packed with extensive connectivity that'll have you covered in any situation, as well as powerful performance features letting you add new levels of creativity to your set. 

Download Serato DJ Pro 2.2.2 now or read on to learn more about the Roland DJ-707M.

Roland DJ-707M unboxing

Watch Serato Artist Relations Rep Blakey unbox the Roland DJ-707M from our London studio.

Extensive connectivity

This is a big one, the level of connectivity on the Roland DJ-707M enables you to not only play to a crowd, but to manage audio setups at events. With dual mic inputs on dedicated channels you can controller individual levels, EQs and voice FX.

Four inputs and two phono inputs enable you to connect everything from media players to two turntables. Live performers at events can simply connect to the Roland DJ-707M with the ¼ or stereo ⅛ AUX inputs, this avoids any disruptions.

Output features include master XLR and RCA out, along with dedicated booth and zone outputs letting you control individual levels around the venue.

Dual USB ports

Approaching the halfway changeover point halfway through a 9 hour wedding set is no longer something to worry about, if you have back-up or your going back-to-back simply connect two laptops simultaneously and enjoy the smoothest transitions between DJs.

Performance features

16 performance pads let you control a number of popular Serato DJ Pro modes, from Hot Cue, Sampler, Slicer and more - you’ll be able to utilize the power of Serato DJ Pro at your fingertips.

Located on channels three and four is the iconic Roland TR sequencer and oscillator. Add legendary Roland drums and oscillator FX to your set.

Roland DJ-707M - Key Features 

The following points are some of Roland DJ-707M’s standout features, but by no means the be all and end all.

  • Dual USB ports

  • 16 performance pads to control Serato DJ Pro modes

  • Four line/two phono inputs 

  • Dual mic inputs with individual channel EQs and voice FX

  • XLR and RCA master outputs

  • 6.5 booth outputs

  • RCA zone output to control separate audio levels

  • ¼ or stereo ⅛ AUX inputs to avoid disruption when connecting guest performer setups

  • TR sequencer and oscillator for standalone performance