Introducing Serato DJ Lite 1.3.2

Our beginner DJs are really important to us - we are always looking to improve Serato DJ Lite, to make sure users who are new to DJing with us are having an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

We are so excited about Serato DJ Lite 1.3.2, in which we hope users feel supported through the learning process and are taking the right steps with Serato to becoming better DJs. 

This update includes three new features which will make mixing itself easier, as well as understanding Serato DJ software and how to use it to its full potential.


A Beatgrid is a series of markers that point to the location of beats within the track. Beatgrids are set automatically during the analyzing process but can also be edited manually. Using Sync in Serato DJ Lite will now snap to these.

Free demo tracks to learn with

Serato DJ Lite now comes loaded with six demo tracks for you to get mixing with straight away. Included are three House and three Hip Hop tracks, these will automatically appear in your library.

In-app onboarding  

A new learning experience for first time users to get started with Practice Mode. Built right into Serato DJ Lite, it has never been easier to learn how to mix.

Your first mix

Its' never been easier to start mixing. Watch our step-by-step tutorial below showing you how you can get straight into it, from loading your first song to fading and blending into the next.

Where to find music

So much of being a good DJ is having a great collection of songs at your disposal that you can pull out and spin for any mood. A lot of people starting out on Serato DJ Lite hit us with the same question: where do I get this music from? 

From buying to streaming to subscribing to record pools learn more about the different platforms that can be used to get going in our 'Finding music to get started with Serato DJ Lite' with article.