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Pro Tip: How to save your settings in Serato Sample

Save your cue points and parameter settings in Serato Sample so you can quickly pull them up again for any project.

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17 May, 2018

Pro Tip: Our Top 3 customizable settings inside the Roland DJ-808

Here's out Top 3 customisable settings inside the Roland DJ-808 to help you adjust the DJ-808 to suit your workflow.

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2 Feb, 2017

Pro Tip: AM Mode

The infamous AM Mode easter egg in Scratch Live is now a full Serato DJ feature. Hide your tracks names from annoying trainspotting seagulls at the club. Hide your hot exclusives and rare cuts! Read on to find out how.

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6 Dec, 2016

Logan's Pro Tips for Serato DJ

Logan from the Product Planning team shares some Pro Tips in Serato DJ that he couldn't do without. He probably knows the software better than anyone!

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5 Dec, 2016

Pro Tip: Using Sync To Change Tempo

While Sync is a great tool for keeping your mixes in time, it also has other benefits including the ability to do drastic tempo changes to completely change the vibe of your sets. Learn more in this short pro tip!

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5 Dec, 2016

DJCity Mixtape Mastering

Mojaxx from DJCity discusses the best way to master your mixtapes as part of their "Mixtape Masters" series around making the perfect mix. Learn how to use some free tools such as Audacity and simple techniques to make you stand out from the filler :)

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21 Feb, 2016

Pro Tip: Library Clean-Up (Advanced)

A user recently asked the question "I DJ out of Crates, but my library is a mess and I have a loads of songs I don’t use. How can I get rid of all the tracks that aren’t in any of my Crates?" Here's how!

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25 Jan, 2016

Pro Tip: Remapping Fader Start To Cues

A pro tip from our LA artist relations rep, Matty P. Learn how you can remap fader start on your Pioneer DJM-900NXS or DJM-900SRT to cue points and get hands on control, directly on your mixer.

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18 Dec, 2015

Pro Tip: Library Sorting

The Serato DJ library allows you to sort your music by a number of different categories such as BPM, key, bitrate, artist, track etc. Learn how to manage your library columns in Serato DJ as well as a few pro tips!

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2 Dec, 2015

Less time making it work, more time bringing the PARTY

Check out 4 quick tips on speeding up your workflow in Serato DJ. From keyboard shortcuts to hidden setup options, these handy hints will make you faster than Usain Bolt in no time...

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8 Sep, 2015

Serato & Mixcloud: Promoting Your Mix

Hosting and promoting your mixes is a hot topic right now in the DJ community. With labels cracking down on music licensing, it's best to keep things legal so your content stays online. Read how Serato DJ integrates with Mixcloud to make this easy.

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24 Aug, 2015

Pro Tip: Emoji Ratings

Emojis can be useful visual tools to rate your music. Add Serato Smart Crates to the mix and they are a great way to organise your library and sort out your main room bangers from the poolside set starters. Read how to use Emojis and Smart Crates as a rating tool.

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27 Jul, 2015