Pro Tip: Our Top 3 customizable settings inside the Roland DJ-808

The Roland DJ-808 has countless features and settings that you can adjust to suit your work flow. Before customizing the DJ-808 you will need to enable the controller's system setting mode by following the steps below.

While holding down the [PANEL] button, press the [POWER] switch to turn on the power.

The DJ-808 is in system setting mode, and the [START/STOP] button of the TR-S section is blinking.

Press the TR-S pad or button that corresponds with the setting you want to make.

The display shows the current value. Use the [VALUE] knob to change the parameter.

Now you're ready to try our Top 3 customizable settings for the Roland DJ-808

1. Margin at both ends of crossfader

Make changes to this setting by pressing the number TR-S pad 7. Turn value knob anywhere between 1-10. Specifies the margin at both ends of the crossfader. Higher values increase the margin, providing more play at each end of the crossfader. Scratch DJs will keep this preference at 0.

2. Jog dial illumination mode

Press TR-S pad 11 then turn the value knob to 0 and only the indicator at the playback position will be lit (it's lit). Turn it 1 and only the indicator at the position will be unlit.

3. Change the TR-S pad Colour Scheme

Cycle through and change the available TR-S pad color schemes by pressing Serato Sampler buttons 1-5


When you’ve finished making settings, press the blinking [START/STOP] button. 

Comments (9)

938MyDJ 10:27 PM - 15 March, 2017
Customizing (lower) the attenuation level might help too...
Otherwise you could only play up to 9-10 o'clock the Master GAIN.
This will give you a little more volume on the headphones.
tuckercrespo 9:32 AM - 29 November, 2017
The Roland DJ-808 has countless features and settings!
inferno 6:14 AM - 18 December, 2017
need a guide to all of these hidden settings
John Steve 4:54 PM - 17 March, 2018
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Vivek Ydv 11:43 AM - 5 July, 2018
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Dj Cizzle 7:38 PM - 7 July, 2018
On the Roland dj 505 can you switch the crosfader from regular to hamster? 2:25 PM - 17 November, 2018
Hey Guys, does this Roland 808 player has fader start feature ?? If so can anyone tell me how to enable this. Thanks ... Peace ☮️