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Logan's Pro Tips for Serato DJ / Scratch Live

Logan from the Product Planning team shares some Pro Tips in Serato DJ that he couldn't do without. He probably knows the software better than anyone!

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5 Dec, 2016

Pro Tip: Emergency INT Mode

A good little trick to have handy when you experience the inevitable drunk guy bumping the DJ booth or the much feared dusty needle!

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12 Oct, 2015

Pro Tip: DVS Calibration and Setup for Serato DJ

An in depth look into Calibration with Serato Q&A Engineer Jason Scott

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5 Oct, 2015

DJCity Tips n Tricks: Adding Crowd Noise

The latest tips n tricks video from the team at DJ City. This time Mojaxx runs through how you can record ambient room noise into your live sets for a bit of atmosphere!

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15 Jul, 2015

Pro Tip: Epic Reverb!

This weeks pro tip is around using Epic Reverb, one of the great iZotope FX available in Serato DJ by activating the free Wolf Pack FX Expansion Pack.

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5 Jul, 2015

Pro Tips: Cue Point Placement for Serato Flip

Learn how to use clever cue point placement to your advantage to add space in your Flips, change the time signature and replicate classics.

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4 May, 2015

Pro Tip: Harmonic Mixing Crate

Here's a handy pro tip from one of our Product Specialists, Karl Y. How to set up a series of Smart Crates that help you mix harmonically.

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14 Mar, 2015

Pro Tip: Auto Import

Learn how to set up Auto Import in Serato DJ so new tracks show up automatically in your Serato DJ library.

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15 Feb, 2015

Pro Tip: Recovering Deleted Crates

Organizing your library and crates is something you all the time and is very important to your workflow. Sometimes you may accidentally delete a crate and think you've lost it forever... You haven't! Here's a handy tip on how to recover a deleted crate.

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21 Jan, 2015

Pro Tip: Lock Beatgrids

Have you spent a ton of time editing a specific Beatgrid only to have it wiped out when you re-analyse your files? There's an easy way to avoid this and lock your Beatgrids.

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1 Dec, 2014

Pro Tip: Echo Out is here!

The Echo Out effect is now in Serato DJ. Formerly a staple part of the Scratch Live DJ FX range, Echo Out is now available as part of the Wolf Pack expansion pack. Read how to activate and use it like a boss!

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26 Nov, 2014

Pro Tip: Quick Smart Crates

Serato Product Specialist Matty Perry gives us some quick easy steps to create some handy Smart Crates in Serato DJ - check it out!

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16 Oct, 2014