Less time making it work, more time bringing the PARTY

Check out 4 quick tips on speeding up your workflow in Serato DJ. From keyboard shortcuts to unknown setup options, these handy hints will make you faster than Usain Bolt in no time...

Let us know any other time saving tricks you use when preparing, playing sets or archiving your mixes!

1. BPM half double trick

This is a feature so not really a trick, but it does feel like magic. Ever working on your library and find a batch of files that you'd like to halve or double the BPM for? No sweat.

  • Select the files you want to edit.
  • Double click the BPM in the library to edit for one of these tracks.
  • Press option + up/down and voila! Now press enter and choose to adjust for all highlighted tracks.

2. Sticker Lock

If you like to mix quickly, Sticker Lock is a great feature that lets you find the beginning of your track or your first cue point by checking the sticker position on your control vinyl. No need to look at your computer, just spin forwards / backwards and you're good to go!

Watch the video below and learn how to set this up.

3. Play From First Cue Point

It takes a bit of time to set this up, but if you have your first cue point set at the place you usually start to mix your track, this setup option can speed you up hugely. If you don't have cues set up, you can set this to "play from start".

Located in Setup > DJ Preferences

4. Simple Sync

We know this is a polarising feature but if you're looking for speed, there's really nothing that compares to Simple Sync to simplify your workflow.

When using Simple Sync, hitting Sync on the track you're mixing in will quickly match the tempo to the track playing - you still need to drop the track at the right time and perform the mix (as well as choose the song) it just saves you the time needed to beat match.

Use the "Maintain Sync on Track Load" option in your Sync Preferences so you don't need to touch this option again, every track you load will be synced to the track playing before - just be careful that you don't go too far from the original BPM without adjusting as you go!

Read an in-depth walkthrough on Sync in Serato DJ.

Update to Serato DJ 1.7.8 to take advantage of all the latest features and improvements.