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DJ Premier Recreating Full Clip Live

Here's an interesting video that's been doing the rounds online recently. DJ Premier in New York, recreating his classic sample flip for "Full Clip". Learn how you can take this one step further with Serato Flip, to recreate classics and make your own!

DJ Woody's video set @ the 2015 IDA World Finals

DJ Woody recorded his 65 minute video set from the IDA World Championships in Poland last week, which takes you on an audio-visual trip through the history of hip-hop. DJ Woody always puts a lot of time and effort into his video performances and edits, animates and builds everything by himself, as Woody puts it, this is a real "Labour of love".

DJ Trayze's New DJ Setup

DJ Trayze blessed his new DJ setup (complete with MIDI drum kit) with a new routine yesterday. Nice to see the booth continuing to expand as DJs continue to add more performance elements to their sets. Turn It UP!

Serato Presents - The Rub Live mix - November

Off the back of their super successful SeratoCast #6 last year which was celebrating 12 years of their infamous monthly parties in Brooklyn, we managed to get an exclusive mix from DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven, who are The Rub. This mix was recorded live at their party on the 13th of November and features some absolute bangers. Listen here and check the interview we had with them.

Ritchie Ruftone Freestyle Scratch Jam

Watch UK scratch master, Ritchie Ruftone, practicing his cuts at high speed in this freestyle jam session. You'll see why he is a former DMC World Champion and the runner up in this years DMC Online comp.

Serato Artist: Swindle

While in ADE we caught up with Serato Artist Swindle, where he treated us to this unique routine at Walls Gallery. Check the routine to see him ombine Serato DJ with the Pioneer DJM-900SRT, DDJ-SP1 & CDJ 2000NXS, Akai Pro LPD8, and Novation Bass Station II keyboard.

Eskei83 on the DJM-S9

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 is out! Eskei83 shows why he’s a Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion with this new routine, really showcasing all that this new battle mixer and Serato DJ offers. Watch the routine.

As I Am: The Life And Time$ Of DJ AM

We’re proud to be supporting the Los Angeles premiere of AS I AM: The Life and Time$ of DJ AM. Read more about this event and how to buy tickets.

Red Bull Thre3Style Past Winners

We interviewed four past Red Bull Thre3Style world champions and talked to them about winning, what happens next and how they develop their style. They also showed us some signature moves :) Watch these films with Hedspin, Four Color Zack, Shintaro and Eskei83.

2015 RB3Style: Grand Final

After a week of intense competition,the Red Bull Thre3Style World Final was set for a thrilling finish. Listen to the sets, read a play-by-play of the night, and see how it went down!

2015 RB3Style: Round Five

For the final night of the Thre3Style world final heats, we were off to Vision night club... Read up on all the action from the final night of preliminary rounds and hear all the sets.

2015 RB3Style: Round Four

Catch up on all the action from round 4 at the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals in Tokyo, Japan. Last night saw Kosovo, Taiwan, Korea and Germany going head to head for the next grand final spot. Here's what went down!