Serato Presents - The Rub Live mix - November

Serato Presents - The Rub Live November 15

Off the back of their super successful SeratoCast #6 last year which was celebrating 12 years of their infamous monthly parties in Brooklyn, we managed to get an exclusive live mix from DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven, who are The Rub.This mix was recorded live at their party on the 13th of November and features some absolute bangers including a remix of Just Beiber - Sorry, Disclosure, Q Tip, Janet Jackson, Jay Z, Kanye and a whole bunch of others that are sure to get your party started.

Listen to their mix from one of their recent parties last month.

Serato Presents - The Rub Live November 2015 by Serato on Mixcloud

We also also asked The Rub a couple of questions about who they are, what they do, a bit about the mix and also what they are listening to at the moment because these guys are definitely ones you want to get to know. See what they said below: 

Who are 'The Rub'?

The Rub is a monthly party in Brooklyn with resident DJs Ayres & Eleven, which is now in its 14th year.

If you could describe The Rub in one sentence to someone that hasn't heard of you, could you?

The Rub is a hip-hop party where you’ll dance to house, dancehall reggae, R&B, 80s, disco and everything else you can think of, with 1000 of your closest friends.

This live mix came from your Party in November, tell us about this party.

To be honest this night was pretty weird because the Paris attacks happened the day of.  So it felt a little off to be throwing a party, but it turned out being around a bunch of our friends and kind of working through it together was exactly what we needed.  Our guest was Cipha Sounds, who we’ve really looked up to over the years, and he really delivered, with tons of classic New York party shit and dancehall.  

What is the vibe of this mix.

It’s pretty much a snapshot of the first couple hours of a night at The Rub.  The music is always different but we go all over the place early in the night playing things we love that won’t play in primetime and slowly work towards new and classic hip hop that we know our crowd will love.

What gear are you using for your sets at the moment?

Two Technics 1200s, Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus, Pioneer DDJ-SP1, Serato SL4 box and two laptops.

We are coming up to the end of the year, any highlights?

We had a lot of great night but Four Color Zack and Hedspin’s 2x4 set at The Rub was nothing short of incredible.  Every song and every genre, with tons of tricks and surprises.  They are so inspiring.

Anything coming up next year?

We really want to do a big day party outdoors for our 14th anniversary in the summer!

Tell us about your parties in general.

We’ve always tried to walk a line at The Rub between educating and entertaining.  We’re fans of music first so we are always making an effort to share new music we’re feeling and old music we love, while continually pushing the envelope of what people think they want to hear.  But, we’re also helping people get drunk and shake their ass, forget the mundane parts of life, and have a night they’ll never forget.

Your vibe is usually quite 'party' orientated do you play this at home on a Sunday?

All party, all the time! 

Nah, we both have very diverse tastes in music and are as likely to be listening to a Run The Jewels album as an MK remix, a Bobbi Humpries album as Black Moon’s first record.  We listen to a lot of “party” tunes auditioning stuff for the DJ gigs, and because we genuinely love much of the music we play at The Rub, but there’s too much great music that hits on so many different emotions to only listen to what you’d hear in a Saturday night in a packed club.

Tell me your top 5 tracks right now.


Rustie - First Mythz

Grandtheft - Quit This City (feat. Lowell)

Black Atlass - Haunted Paradise

A. Chal - Vibe W-U

DJ Melo - Words


Big Grams - Drum Machine

Superhumanoids - Dada

Rick Ross - Money Dance feat. The-Dream

Kutcorners - So Much Love (feat. Big Jacks)

Missy Elliot - WTF feat. Pharrell Williams

Do you have a track in your library that you've always wanted to play but never had the chance?

Ayres - Jamie XX - Loud Places - I love this song so much but I never really found a way to play it in the club!

Eleven - Generally, the type of songs I really want to hear on a super loud club system are R&B slow jams, but that’s not really ever going to happen.