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DJ Vekked 2015 DMC Online World Final Routine

WOW. We have constantly been impressed with DJ Vekked as a battle DJ over the years - this latest routine is another level. One of the most forward thinking battle sets we've seen here at SeratoHQ!

Serato Artist: DJ Jayceeoh

Watch a new DJ routine by Jayceeoh, using his latest track "Turn Me Up Some" featuring Redman! Watch Jayceeoh rip this track apart over 4 channels. He's pulling no punches with his quick cuts, performance pad work and clever use of FX...

UKF in the Mix: Dubstep - in association with Serato

Turntablist DJ, Captain Crunch cuts, blends and scratches his way through a selection of recent UKF Dubstep uploads in this new show In The Mix.


The 2015 Red Bull Thre3Style Japan Champ, DJ-B=Ball, with a short edit of his winning set.

Supa! Boiler Room Set

Our buddy Supa! shows why he's the king of the smooth sh** in Paris. Watch a full hour long Boiler Room set as he moves his way through rap bangers, club, future swag, rnb and beats.

SeratoCast #33 LeFtO

SeratoCast number 33 is from one of Europe's most important tastemakers, LeFtO. All done in one take with LeFtO's weapon of choice the Rane Sixty-Two, he shows us why he is known as a 'tastemaker'. Check this mix with some exclusive unreleased tracks and some of LeFtO's favorites, spanning many genres.

DJ Woody, Polyphonic Scratching!

The world of turntablism is built on innovation and creativity. There's also been the thought that the turntable could be an instrument in it's own right, rather than just a tool for playing musical compositions. DJ Woody takes that a step further in this video, creating polyphonic scratches with just one turntable!

Sonar 2015: Artist Photos

The Serato Artist team were out and about at this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. We caught up with a bunch of our favourite DJs & producers to see how our products are being used in the real world in some impressive environments. Check out some photos!

SeratoCast mix #32 JUST DIZLE

SeratoCast Mix 33 is from Just Dizle aka Le Champion from Paris, France. This mix, titled Crépuscule is inspired by Just Dizle's favourite time of day, Twilight with all of the tracks he is zoning to right now.

DJ Spinna, SeratoCast #31

SeratoCast mix 31 is from the legendary Brooklyn native DJ Spinna who is known for being something of an anomaly of music spanning multiple fields and genres. In this mix Spinna shows takes us through a full House spectrum of the underground.

Global Scratch Jam w/ Chris Karns, JFB, Skratch Bastid and Pfel (C2C)

The internet is a great thing. How else could you watch four great turntablist DJs perform a synchronised routine from the USA, Canada, UK and France all at once? Watch this global scratch jam with Chris Karns, JFB, Skratch Bastid and Pfel (C2C).

DJ Premier in the Boiler Room

DJ Premier brings the Boiler Room roof down in Russia. Watch the king of boom bap play a trademark set.