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Stones Throw x Serato II

The latest Serato Pressings collaboration with Stones Throw Records drops today - Stones Throw x Serato II.

Photos: Serato Control Vinyl Factory

Check out some super cool photos from our visit to RTI, the manufacturer of our official Serato Control Vinyl.

Photos: Mike Relm Serato Icon Shoot

A selection of photos from the Serato Icon shoot with Mike Relm in San Francisco last week!

Black Vinyl Friday

Get 15% off black Performance Series vinyl today on the Serato Online Store

Glow in the Dark: Back in!

The popular Glow in the Dark Performance Series vinyl are back in stock on the Serato Online Store!

The Quest for Serato Gold

A while ago we embarked on the mission to produce the nicest gold control vinyl you ever saw! We failed but the by-product was pretty special too. Check out the Quest for Serato Gold vinyl, available now on the Serato Online Store.

Red, Green, Blue, Pink: New Serato Performance Series Vinyl

Check out the latest Serato Performance Series Vinyl colors.

Calibration - Forgot That!

It’s really important to calibrate your set up so the software can distinguish between what is heard as the control signal and what is recognized as background noise and ignored. Learn all about it!

Update - Scratch Live 2.4.3 and Serato Video 1.1

Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3 and Serato Video 1.1, the latest free updates for Serato Scratch Live and Video DJs are available now!

Z-Trip in Z-Land

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend recently with Z-Trip here in New Zealand.

The Prepare Window - Forgot That!

We decided it was about time we reminded everyone about areas of our software that might have been forgotten or under used.

Sonar Festival 2012 Photos

There was a small Serato contingent over at Sonar Festival this year hanging out with our artists.