Z-Trip in Z-Land

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend recently with Z-Trip here in New Zealand for a DJ nerd-out, doing a bit of filming and some photography. Here are a few preview pics of the Icon piece we were working on!

Comments (5)

2Seven 5:24 PM - 11 September, 2012
I would love it if each Icon artist had their own Serato Pressing! Great pictures crew!
Youngtee 6:10 PM - 11 September, 2012
Z-trip in Z-land = one hell of a night
Leonel pierre 10:31 PM - 21 September, 2012
Great Pictures
DJ_ViDDy 12:52 AM - 2 October, 2012
mean pics
mac3 3:38 AM - 1 November, 2012
Much love to Z-Trip that looks like it was an Awesome Trip..