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SoundSwitch 1.2 Released - Major Update

The release of Soudswitch 1.2 provides huge additions to the existing functionality of integrating a lighting setup with Serato DJ. New features, options and general performance improvements are all included in this update.

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30 Mar, 2017

Serato at NAMM 2017 - Day One

The Serato Squad started the day in Anaheim, California for Day one of the NAMM 2017 convention. Located in the massive convention centre the 4 day event is spread out on several floors and thousands of square feet of floor space...

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20 Jan, 2017

Z-Trip in Z-Land

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend recently with Z-Trip here in New Zealand.

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11 Sep, 2012

The Do-Over NZ Edition

Last month legendary LA party The Do-Over brought their sunshine infused fun all the way to New Zealand, the home of Serato.

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21 Feb, 2012


Electric Wire Hustle + tickets to European gigs!

Electric Wire Hustle are a trio from Wellington, New Zealand and are touring in Europe.

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1 Oct, 2009

Whitelabel Profile - Isaac Aesili

Artist profile of Isaac Aesili who is an artist from New Zealand and features on Whitelabel.net.

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11 Sep, 2009

Auckland: come oi!

Serato announce a party in Auckland with some of NZ's finest DJs to celebrate New Zealand music month.

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21 May, 2009


New Zealand Music Month

Check out some of New Zealand's top artists on Whitelabel.net to celebrate New Zealand music month 2009.

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13 May, 2009


OTA at MPC Championship

Video routine of Jeremy OTA from the Opensouls as he is crowned the New Zealand MPC Champion of 2008.

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6 Nov, 2008