The Quest for Serato Gold

It was 2010. 

We had just released Scratch Live 2.0 and the world was a much simpler place. There was no Vestax VCI-380, no Slicer and your Numark MixTrack Pro certainly didn't have Serato DJ Intro. We had embarked on a special mission here at Serato HQ: PRODUCE GOLD VINYL!

After many failed attempts and dull, brownish looking 12"s, we had one last try and mixed a special blend of school bus yellow, tangerine, burnt sienna and a twist of roadworks orange. Needless to say, we had made something quite beautiful, but still not gold...

During a recent stockroom tidy, we pulled out a bunch of old boxes and discovered these little beauties lurking in the shadows. We thought it was only fair to share them with the world do we dusted them off and repackaged them. Enjoy!

Available on the Serato Online Store now. Only 420 pieces available, so don't miss out!