Update - Scratch Live 2.4.3 and Serato Video 1.1

Serato Scratch Live 2.4.3 and Serato Video 1.1, the latest free updates for Serato Scratch Live and Video DJs are available now!

This Scratch Live release adds support for the Serato Video 1.1 update but also has some very handy new features and improvements.

  • Support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
  • FLAC file format support.
  • Library enhancements to improve load times and stability. 

Alongside this, we have done a great deal of maintenance, fixed a load of bugs and done some important enhancements to keep our ongoing commitment to stability and performance. For the full list of these, refer to the [Scratch Live 2.4.3 release notes here].

Download here: /scratchlive/downloads

Serato Video 1.1, the first update for Serato Video users, includes some great new features including; Delay Compensation, a dedicated Video View, Auto/Random Transitions and the Media Crate.

  • Delay Compensation - shift the video stream forward or backwards independently of the audio. This can be used to compensate for front of house issues with audio and video streams being out of sync.
  • A dedicated GUI view in Scratch Live - automatically positions the Serato Video Preview screens alongside the virtual decks, and the Mix Preview within the waveform display to give you more space for your library, SP-6 Sample Player or FX.
  • Auto/Random Transitions - automatically load a different transition effect on track load. These can be either selected in sequence or randomly and is a great way of keeping your video sets interesting and varied.
  • Media Crate - a special crate, where you are able to hold a library of video files to be automatically loaded to any track without an associated video file.

Alongside these great new features and enhancements to Serato Video there has been a large number of bug fixes and improvements which are listed in full within the [Serato Video 1.1 release notes here].

Download here: /video/downloads

[NOTE: To run Serato Video 1.1, you will need to install both the Serato Video 1.1 update and the Scratch Live 2.4.3 update]