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Serato Video 1.1 Release Notes

25 September, 2012


  • New 'Spin' transition.
  • Fixed the smudge transition so that it doesn't draw artifacts over the clear space when media treatment is set to preserve.
  • Fixed the melt shader so that it doesn't stretch videos when transitioning between a 4:3 and a 16:9 video when media treatment is set to preserve.
  • Fixed the swap transition so that for all media treatment settings, a full left or right cross fader will not show the opposing video.
  • Dedicated Video View*
  • Delay Compensation*
  • Auto Transitions*
  • Media Crate*

* Only applicable with latest versions of Scratch Live (2.4.3) and ITCH (2.2.2).

  • Added the missing False Color effect to the automatically generated effects_list.xml
  • The Serato Video Image effect 'size' param is now saved and loaded to and from xml.
  • Fixed bug where auto cross fading from left to right would get stuck at zero when the auto cross fade speed is slow.
  • Adjusted the auto cross fade speed so that the low-mid-high speeds at 10 secs-4.4 secs-super fast. The mid is a little faster than VSL 1.2.
  • Fixed a bug where the auto fader couldn't fade hard left.
  • The selected Serato Video effect slot now has a white border when using the Rane TTM 57.
  • The Serato Video upfaders now default to full and the cross fader to half way when using a sound card with no faders (Rane SL1, SL2, SL3 SL4).
  • Updated the Serato Video effect slot ON/OFF buttons to have just 'ON' but with different colours to represent state.
  • Fixed bug where unassociating a video file whose stated path no longer exists (i.e. the video file has been moved) causes a hang.

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