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30 April, 2012

DJ Mag Tech Awards 2012

Voting is now open for the 2012 DJ Mag Tech Awards. We have been nominated in a few categories including; Audiovisual Product, Digital Vinyl System and DJ Software. Our partners have been nominated in a bunch of categories too! Make sure to get over there and cast your votes.

Comments (22)

Mr Bump 7:28 AM - 3 May, 2012
A link might be nice.
Dj Saul 4:40 AM - 4 May, 2012
Serato is the best, I like it!!!
Deejay sUNIL 6:47 AM - 4 May, 2012
Serato helps you be a better DJ!!!!!
Serato has got you back the ERA of Spinning on Turntables..!!!
It's is indeed the best DJ software ever !!!
DJ ZOBOP 10:11 AM - 4 May, 2012
Serato takes DJing to the next level.
Dj Derange 11:51 AM - 4 May, 2012
This the next evolution in ..djing for professionals and dj 's just out the starting out the box just like mac serato is the leader in in virtual an realtime ..,mixing ,djing, and what ever else u can think of ...
Alex BG 1:27 PM - 4 May, 2012
Great Skin ,Great work, i love it my SL1.
vj volkan 2:08 PM - 4 May, 2012
Serato is leading the Dj/Vj World in technology and development, Keep it Up!!!
steven menezes 3:58 PM - 4 May, 2012
serato is the best,it takes dj's to the next world
i love my SL2
madmaxz 4:11 PM - 4 May, 2012
Serato is the most fun most innovative djing platform out right now! Combined with Ableton live its untouchable!! Love my SL 3! Two 1200s plus ableton on the third channel is pure bliss!!
magfox131 7:02 PM - 4 May, 2012
I'm so glad with the SERATO VIDEO on ITCH its like a wish come true !!!
jaz 10:19 PM - 4 May, 2012
My partner is a serato head and I rock out on it @ gigs. But I rock T2
DJ JESSIE 3:22 AM - 5 May, 2012
I love my SL3
DJ LOVERBOY 1:59 PM - 5 May, 2012
Serato is the best software program out their. i love my SL 1 and VCI 300 Control.
philbusa 11:46 PM - 5 May, 2012
Serato is the best software i ever use and will continue using it great job guys continue the great work..
Bigjohn 12:50 AM - 7 May, 2012
Serato Itch is awesome.
I'm a beginner and its been real easy to use the program, I'm been practicing for two months and its been very fun. I'm not saying that I'm perfect but I'm able to understand the program. My co worker came to my house and heard me djing and want me to dj his wedding in July. Thanks Serato for making a program that is easy to use and understand, keep doing what your doing.
DJ RAIVA - Moçambique 3:04 PM - 7 May, 2012
So to say that the SERATO revolutionized the era of DJs. And here's my THANK YOU to the inventor of this magnificent work.
R-A-C 7:39 AM - 12 May, 2012
you need a facebook account to vote? seriously? lol
djmikec22 6:56 AM - 15 May, 2012
Where are the bumper stickers, "I heart Serato?" I remember getting a beta "S - Final Scratch" back in 1999. I knew once this technology was perfected, It would give a hole new meaning to DJing. Serato has definitely done just that with SL. Im still using SL-1 from 2005,my pmc-007, XP and love it!!! Not bad for an old school garage vinyl jock. Glad to see DJ Premier warming up to the technology too! !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SERATO DEVELOPERS !!!!!!!
FADABUZZAD 2:56 AM - 17 May, 2012
Been dj since 1998, done my time with vinyl, upgrade to cd's. now been doing the Serato SL-1 for 5 years now. Never had a problem. Like the fact Serato always looking to upgrade and inovate. Thanks Serato your making my life a little bit easier....
studio481 7:04 PM - 18 May, 2012
Serato now feels like the 70's all over again , When u had to be a real dj to be able to mix with Vinyl. Thnxs Serato.
D.J. Flawless 4:14 AM - 22 May, 2012
serato is a true blessing!!! i love my rane 68 mixer! serato does all the nessecary things made for a dj plus kore without all the bullish*t extras that will never be used 12:38 AM - 6 April, 2014
serato is the best SL1 baby


DJ Mag Tech Awards 2012