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Auto Gain: What's all that about?

Did you ever wonder what on earth Auto Gain was or how to use it? Here's your answer!

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4 Mar, 2013

Mixtapes: Recording your DJ sets.

A short guide to recording your DJ sets with Serato software and supported hardware.

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25 Feb, 2013

Vestax to the Core: DJ Rasp on the VCI-380

Watch DJ Rasp tear it up on the Vestax VCI-380 courtesy of VestaxUK.

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6 Feb, 2013

Update - ITCH 2.2.2 and Serato Video 1.1

Serato ITCH 2.2.2 and Serato Video 1.1, the latest free updates for Serato ITCH and Video DJs are available now!

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24 Sep, 2012

The Prepare Window - Forgot That!

We decided it was about time we reminded everyone about areas of our software that might have been forgotten or under used.

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25 Jul, 2012

DJ Mag Tech Awards 2012

Voting is now open for the 2012 DJ Mag Tech Awards.

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30 Apr, 2012

New: Vestax VCI-380 for Serato ITCH

Vestax announce the brand new VCI-380, coming soon for Serato ITCH - a professional controller featuring 5 performance modes, Pad FX and a stand-alone mixer.

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18 Mar, 2012

New Serato Video for Scratch Live and ITCH

Video mixing for Serato Scratch Live and ITCH!

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17 Jan, 2012

Serato releases ITCH 2.1

Serato are proud to announce the release of ITCH 2.1.

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11 Jan, 2012

Serato ITCH 2.0 is out now!

Serato ITCH 2.0 is out now!

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1 Aug, 2011

Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH is available now!

The Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH hit stores today.

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1 Jun, 2011