The Prepare Window - Forgot That!

Prepare window - Offline player
Prepare window - Offline player

We decided it was about time we reminded everyone about areas of our software that might have been forgotten or under used. The Prepare window in Scratch Live, ITCH and DJ Intro is a really handy feature that lets you add tracks to a holding area, which you can play your set from. To open it, just click on the Prepare button above your library.

Here are a few tips for using the Prepare window.:

- There is a simple keyboard shortcut, Command/Ctrl + P, to add a track in your library to the Prepare window while browsing.

- If you are ever scrolling through your library and find a track you really want to play, but aren't quite ready to, this gives you a place where you can hold these. Much like lifting your records part way out of your record bag or crate.

- Once you play a track from the Prepare window, it's removed from the area. This is handy so you don't play the same track twice in your set when you're having way too much fun to realize.

- You can organize and sort tracks in the Prepare window just like a normal crate.

TIP: Select the contents of the Prepare window and drag them onto the new crate button (+) to save your selection as a crate.

If you have any questions or need help, please get in touch with the support team. You can find contact details and start a new help request here