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Reloop RMX-90 DVS Now Supported With Serato DJ

The all new Reloop RMX-90 DVS 4 channel mixer is now available to use Plug-and-Play in Serato DJ 1.9.6. The Reloop RMX-90 is Serato DJ and DVS enabled and features 12 Beat FX, channel filters, USB hub & MIDI support.

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17 Jan, 2017

Serato DJ 1.9.4 Now Supports Denon DJ MC7000 & Reloop Mixon 4.

Serato has released Serato DJ 1.9.4, a free update that includes support for the Denon DJ MC7000 4-channel all-in-one controller as well as the Reloop Mixon 4. Read more.

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14 Nov, 2016

Now Supported: Reloop Mixon 4

The Mixon 4 is Reloop's flagship, 4-channel Serato DJ controller. The Mixon 4 gives easy and responsive control over many Serato DJ features including Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Sampler, Slicer, Flip, Cue & Slicer Loop modes and Pitch Play with its 16 RGB performance pads.

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11 Nov, 2016

UKF in the Mix: Drum & Bass - in association with Serato

UK Turntablist DJ, Captain Crunch cuts, blends and scratches his way through a selection of recent UKF Drum n Bass uploads in this new show "In The Mix."

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9 Dec, 2015

UKF in the Mix: Dubstep - in association with Serato

Turntablist DJ, Captain Crunch cuts, blends and scratches his way through a selection of recent UKF Dubstep uploads in this new show In The Mix.

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12 Jul, 2015

Reloop NEON x JFB

Reloop enlisted two time UK DMC Champion JFB and let him loose with the Reloop NEON and Serato DJ to create a club inspired segment.

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12 Nov, 2014

Reloop Neon Walkthrough Video

The team at Reloop have made a walkthrough video about their latest Official Serato Accessory, the Reloop Neon for Serato DJ. Take a look!

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22 Oct, 2014

Introducing, Reloop Neon

The Reloop Neon, is the latest Official Serato Accessory for Serato DJ. Packed with software controls, it's a great little partner to a simple DVS setup or for controllers with limited controls. Read more!

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8 Sep, 2014

New Hardware: Serato DJ 1.7

Serato DJ 1.7 is now available with support for a lot of new hardware from our world leading hardware partners. Check out what's supported!

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1 Sep, 2014

New: Reloop Terminal Mix 2 for Serato DJ Intro

Reloop are proud to present the Terminal Mix 2 - a new two deck controller for Serato DJ Intro.

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21 Mar, 2012

The Reloop Terminal Mix 4 for Serato DJ Intro

Reloop recently announced its first digital mixing controller designed especially for Serato: Terminal Mix 4.

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17 Jan, 2012