New Hardware: Serato DJ 1.7

Serato DJ 1.7 is now available with support for a lot of new hardware from our world leading hardware partners. Check out what's supported!

Numark NV

The Numark NV introduces two 4.3-inch full colour screens integrated into its streamlined compact chassis. These high resolution screens give DJs vivid real-time visualisation of Serato DJ features, complete with spinning Virtual Decks, DJ FX, Cue Points, detailed waveform information and library navigation.

Check out more info on the Numark NV.

Pioneer DDJ-SX2

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is the successor to the ever popular Pioneer DDJ-SX and is one of the first controllers to give DJs dedicated controls for the all new Serato Flip expansion pack. The four-channel controller builds on the popularity of its predecessor, by adding multi-colored performance pad LEDs and on-jog digital cue point markers as seen on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ.

Check out more information on the Pioneer DDJ-SX2


The Akai Professional AFX, is a brand new add-on controller which gives advanced control of the Serato DJ and brings the software features to life. The AFX houses controls for Serato DJ FX, Loops, Cue Points as well as the all new Serato Flip expansion pack. 

Check out more information on the AKAI AFX 

Reloop Neon

Acting as the perfect support hardware for DVS and controller DJs, the 8 ultra-low-latency and touch sensitive RGB drum pads with aftertouch are perfect for triggering Samples, Cues, Loops, DJ FX and controlling the new Serato Flip expansion pack. 

Check out more information on the Reloop Neon

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3

The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3, the latest plug and play controller for Serato DJ Intro. Like its predecessors, the DDJ-WeGO3 is designed with beginners in mind - offering an intuitive layout and pulse control lights for guidance during performance. 

Check out more information on the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3

 If you need any technical assistance, please head to the new Serato Support area.