Introducing, Reloop Neon

The Reloop Neon, is the latest Official Serato Accessory for Serato DJ. Packed with software controls, it's a great little partner to a simple DVS setup or for controllers with limited controls. 

The Reloop Neon, is supported in Serato DJ 1.7, available now!

The Neon is the latest add-on controller for Serato DJ to help instantly elevate your performance. It offers a stack of features with extensive control for four decks in one small unit. A perfect complimentary controller for DVS users or DJs with simple controllers, the Neon provides 8 ultra low latency, touch sensitive RGB drum pads, perfect for triggering samples, cues, loops and FX in Serato DJ.

A huge amount of control for Serato DJ is now at your finger tips with the ability to adjust playback modes, volume control, library navigation and loop editing.

8 Performance Modes

A total of 8 modes can be accessed by up to four decks with a single Reloop Neon. 

  • SP-6 Sample Player
  • Pad FX
  • Slicer 
  • Loop Slicer
  • Hot Cue
  • Serato Flip
  • Hot Loop
  • Manual Loop

Smart Link Function

Wanting to add another Reloop Neon to the Setup? The Neon's Smart Link feature will allow you connect another unit to your primary Neon, essentially saving precious USB ports.

If you have further questions, feel free to hit us up in the comments below. For any tech support, please contact the Serato Support Team.

Comments (16)

Agent 156 7:30 PM - 9 September, 2014
If you are a DVS user and add this, will you be able to use sync on the SP-6? 9:04 PM - 9 September, 2014
se puede combinar con reloop terminal mix 4?
DJFlowhood 12:04 AM - 10 September, 2014
Do you need one Reloop Neon per deck, similar to a Dicer set up?
djdnl 2:29 AM - 10 September, 2014
Do you need one Reloop Neon per deck, similar to a Dicer set up?

The buttons on the left (bank/deck) let you choose a deck with shift is my first thought.
MBLL 6:28 AM - 10 September, 2014
Does the Reloop Neon come with a Flip download code like Akai AFX?
Dj Uri Dalal 4:54 PM - 26 September, 2014
you have to buy TWO? fucking hell I'm sick of carrying so much crap
DJKayce 6:57 PM - 26 September, 2014
you have to buy TWO? fucking hell I'm sick of carrying so much crap

No you only need 1 and you can choose which deck to control from deck 1 to 4. I love it and am using it with VCI 380. Vci has all the functions but kinda cramped up. With these, you have more room to do a lot. Since I bought one, I have not use my DDJ SX & SZ.
DJ SoundStar 1:54 PM - 1 October, 2014
Does the Reloop Neon work with Serato DJ 1.6.3.?
DJKayce 8:29 PM - 1 October, 2014
Does the Reloop Neon work with Serato DJ 1.6.3.?

From DJ 1.7
Drug_Muzik 7:22 AM - 4 October, 2014
been keeping an eye on this... looks very nice. will it be a good companion to novation twitch?
jean rene tchinda 1:40 AM - 8 October, 2014
i will try one soon he look interesting
curlylocks25 10:53 AM - 31 October, 2014
This looks awesome. I am still on SL2, but would use this as an excuse to upgrade everything to Serato DJ(which i have already uploaded and get my butt in gear on samples and loops. I use 1210's and am still Old Skool. I play a lot of house with live vocalists and would love to get more samples goin and use them in set. Need big buttons to help my old eyes see :) This would do the job nicely :)
djcamaro 2:10 PM - 31 October, 2014
C😃😃L as heck I would take this unit and add it as a new addition to my Numark ns7/Serato Dj and really get things going on the creative side. What an awesome invention, can't wait.
djcamaro 2:14 PM - 31 October, 2014
Just need to know if it's compatible with Numark ns7 controller and Serato Dj software. ;-)
LegendaryDancer 6:40 PM - 21 March, 2015
Can you add this to the DDJ-SZ to have more than 8 different touchpads for cuepoints etc?
a3on 5:48 PM - 30 April, 2017
hello there so i have a denon mc2000 but i run it on serato dj INTRO...i tryed the demo version of serato dj and honestly i dont like it (even as im not able to record my mixes on the intro version) id like to get me one of these reloop neon...but would it work with my serato dj INTRO....thanks