New: Reloop Terminal Mix 2 for Serato DJ Intro

Reloop are proud to present the Terminal Mix 2 - a new two deck controller for Serato DJ Intro.

  • 2-deck Serato DJ Intro performance controller
  • Integrated 4-channel USB audio club interface
  • Plug'n'Play: Connect your computer and mix your MP3s
  • Large transport section with all-new smooth-touch rubber buttons
  • Newly developed ultra-flat XXL jog platters with vinyl-grip surface
  • 2-channel club mixer design with designated filter knobs and fader start
  • Crossfader curve & assign switches on the front
  • Large 14 bit 100mm pitch fader with range and keylock functions
  • Mouse-less playlist management control
  • Versatile controls for effects, smart looping, hot cues and sampler
  • Stereo RCA input (with phono pre-amp) for hooking up a CD player or turntable with flexible routing control (into the software or to master)
  • 6.3 mm microphone input jack with volume and equalizer control
  • Power House Interface: Boost your PA with balanced 6,3mm jack outputs or unbalanced stereo RCA outputs
  • Stereo RCA booth outputs for extra DJ monitors
  • 2 headphones connections: 3.5 mm & 6.3 mm stereo for whatever plug is convenient including equalizer control
  • USB bus powered: Terminal Mix 2 can be powered via USB only (power supply optional)
  • CORE/ASIO drivers with minimum latency and high quality audio characteristics (Mac/PC)
  • Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible

Stay tuned to Reloop's Twitter and Facebook for updates direct from Musikmesse on this exciting new controller!

Comments (23)

Rads 1:03 AM - 22 March, 2012
seems like a must have , but i like Pioneer MK2's
Dj Yve 2:30 PM - 22 March, 2012
lol half nice but its for INTRO which sux.... bewere of that.
mek-one 9:11 PM - 6 April, 2012
will this be 'plug n play' compatible with sl3 does anybody know?
DjSugarDaddy 9:23 PM - 20 April, 2012
When making a DJ controller, do NOT ever put the pitch slider on the left side, it belongs traditionally on the right side of each player!
Lil Van 8:53 AM - 22 April, 2012
Why not also for reloop jockey 3 ? :(
realfreak 6:37 PM - 23 April, 2012
and why not for reloop digital jockey 2 master edition`? serato is a must have !
DJ Remy USA 7:46 PM - 2 May, 2012
will this be 'plug n play' compatible with sl3 does anybody know?

its for intro so no...serato scratch live is for time code systems only.
n1mbus 4:36 PM - 3 May, 2012
will this be 'plug n play' compatible with sl3 does anybody know?

its for intro so no...serato scratch live is for time code systems only.

True about the reloop controller... but Serato scratch is HID midi compatible with pioneer CDJ's.. so no timecode needed
Razy 11:35 AM - 9 May, 2012
lol 399 bugs in germany for a serato intro controller. reloop you failed.
I'd prefer every used VCI 300 mk1+2...

If I want to use serato intro with a cheap controller I'll buy a vestax typhoon.
djgero 7:46 PM - 25 May, 2012
Everything is becoming to easy for Djs nothing like 2 turntables and a mixer.
djgero 7:47 PM - 25 May, 2012
But I'll stay with my Denon 3700 Lol
n1mbus 5:32 AM - 26 May, 2012
I use turntables some nights and controllers other nights... honestly I think controllers are much harder and complicated to use.. haha my partner DJ cant even use a controller at all!

The reloop controllers are OK I have tried some of them. Voxoa gave me a C60 to trial and I don't want to give it back!
DJ Mic 8:42 PM - 28 June, 2012
Contacted Mixware LLC and a few other U.S. distributers and was told that the RELOOP TERMINAL MIX 2 will not be sold in the states. Due to U.S. purchase price from Reloop, demand of a 4 channel than a 2 channel and I don't think the US have to much faith in there product. There is only 2 or 3 boxes of the TM4 at every Guitar Center which tells you something. BOTTOM LINE, the distributers in the states will not make any money selling the Terminal Mix 2.
Dj Crazy G 5:55 PM - 18 July, 2012
Yo! Gero have you check out the SC3900 Look Hot..
Hotshy 5:06 AM - 25 July, 2012
I THOROUGHLY enjoy this controller for its minimal features.
But, at least have a Bridge feature, yeh?
Traktor has this beat, yes, BUT Rane 57-68 w/BRIDGE all the way!
I just had the idea Reloop would come out with something better; just MAYBE accessibility to the Serato "Suite," no matter the controller or program. Damn, the Vestax is..two functions off for $500 more! is just money and preference, anyways. no disrespect to ANYONE.

Its worth it. Buy a Rane Software mixer, itll save you A LOT of money (Mixer+SL1-4 SoundCard[$500+]) down the road, and you can always upgrade outside of the mixer! ..and the possibilities are endless.

< Rane 68 + 4 CDJ - 2ks + (Ableton)The Bridge.. Live play on top of live production, or vice versa. You cannot beat the infinite LIVE production value.
turntablist master junry 5:30 AM - 29 July, 2012
anybody have a controler for seratolike mix trak pro...chep price....plssss....thanks
vanek 4:49 PM - 31 July, 2012
i say better looking buttons at the bottom
vanek 4:49 PM - 31 July, 2012
is needed
Grafite 11:11 PM - 2 August, 2012
im torn between this and the vestax typhoon.....
DJ Mic 12:05 AM - 3 August, 2012
Love the reloop terminal mix 4
MixMasterMagic 2:39 AM - 27 August, 2012
Everything is becoming to easy for Djs nothing like 2 turntables and a mixer.

Yup...and now the skills come ready made in a box (controller & software) 11:50 PM - 14 September, 2012
i need help making music 11:51 PM - 14 September, 2012
on a numark mixdeck express