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How I Use Serato DJ - Library Management W/ Jordan. Part 2

While keeping your music organised inside Serato is important, the organisation of your music outside of Serato is just as important.

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19 Jul, 2017

How I Use Serato DJ - Library Management W/ Jordan

Serato's Culture & Product Specialist Jordan Lee walks through his Serato DJ workflow in this new content series. Have a read to learn new ways you can can use Serato DJ or add to your existing workflow.

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14 Mar, 2017

Pro Tip: AM Mode

The infamous AM Mode easter egg in Scratch Live is now a full Serato DJ feature. Hide your tracks names from annoying trainspotting seagulls at the club. Hide your hot exclusives and rare cuts! Read on to find out how.

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6 Dec, 2016

Learn: iTunes and Serato DJ

Here's a quick overview of iTunes library support in Serato DJ and some frequently asked questions. Read on...

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4 Dec, 2016

Serato DJ 1.9.2 Now Available

Serato DJ 1.9.2 is now available with a focus on stability as well as important workflow and interface improvements. Read up on what's new and update.

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1 Aug, 2016

Pro Tip: Library Clean-Up (Advanced)

A user recently asked the question "I DJ out of Crates, but my library is a mess and I have a loads of songs I don’t use. How can I get rid of all the tracks that aren’t in any of my Crates?" Here's how!

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25 Jan, 2016

Pro Tip: Library Sorting

The Serato DJ library allows you to sort your music by a number of different categories such as BPM, key, bitrate, artist, track etc. Learn how to manage your library columns in Serato DJ as well as a few pro tips!

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2 Dec, 2015

Learn: iTunes and Serato DJ

Here's a quick overview of iTunes library support in Serato DJ and some frequently asked questions, including info around the latest iTunes update, 12.2. Read on...

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8 Jul, 2015

Pro Tip: Recovering Deleted Crates

Organizing your library and crates is something you all the time and is very important to your workflow. Sometimes you may accidentally delete a crate and think you've lost it forever... You haven't! Here's a handy tip on how to recover a deleted crate.

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21 Jan, 2015

Pro Tip: Quick Smart Crates

Serato Product Specialist Matty Perry gives us some quick easy steps to create some handy Smart Crates in Serato DJ - check it out!

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16 Oct, 2014

Pro Tip: Emojis in your librariez!

Call it cheesy but Emojis are probably the best way to customise your Serato library. Lets face it, Emojis are basically your ticket to respect. Mac users, read on!

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25 Aug, 2014

Pro Tips: Halving or Doubling BPM

Do you ever find that you've analysed a track and it's saying 130 BPM but you want it at 65 BPM. Read on...

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7 May, 2014