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News: Stream DJ Mixes on Spotify

A new partnership between Spotify and Dubset has been announced at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, opening the door for DJ mixes and individual remixes to be uploaded and streamed through the platform. Read more...

News: Are DJ mixes safe on Soundcloud?

Soundcloud has been in the spotlight over the last couple of days around claims by Digital Music News that it was planning to remove / block all uncleared DJ mixes. There's been a statement issued by Soundcloud denying this subsequently but are your mixes still safe? Is this a good place to host your DJ sets?

News: Discogs For Film, Gear, Books and Comics.

Discogs, everyones favourite database for pricing up their records, searching for rare 45's and keeping stock of their collection for insurance purposes, has grown! Read more.

News: Mixcloud Streaming Directly to Sonos / Chromecast

After recently announcing Apple TV support, Mixcloud is now expanding their services to offer streaming directly to Sonos & Chromecast. Read more about what this means for DJs who use Mixcloud.

Melodics: Cue Point Drumming For DJs

Trying to reach Eskei83 / Four Color Zack / Hedspin / Shintaro esque levels? Cue point drumming is becoming a huge part of the competitive DJs arsenal and there's a handy new tool to help you learn - Melodics! Read more...

"2¢" On The State of DJing

Four Color Zack & DJ Craze speak with their hands in this 33 min mixtape, as they give their 2¢ on the state of DJing. No interview here, no essays, no hashtags... Just some extremely talented DJs saying their piece on the decks.

News: WhoSampled That Movie?

The team at WhoSampled.com recently added the ability to search for original source dialogue and sound effects originating from movies and TV shows. Learn more and see how this could be useful for DJs.

News: Mixcloud Soundcloud Importer

Mixcloud has just made a new Soundcloud importer available for all users. This means you can now import all your Soundcloud mix content directly to Mixcloud. Read more.