News: WhoSampled That Movie?

The team at recently added the ability to search for original source dialogue and sound effects originating from movies and TV shows. is a community based platform that exists as a huge database of music samples and songs. Until now you have only been able to search for musical samples in tracks, but you can now look up a song to identify samples from film and television. 

For DJs, it's a great opportunity to expand your sets by digging for these originals and using them creatively as links between songs. We've seen Serato Flip used well by DJs to do this classic sample flip mix - playing the original, flipping it, then mixing into the new song that sampled it. Instant ohh sh*tttt moment.

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This could be a great tool for Serato Video DJs looking for extra content to build their visual sets as well. Some of the greatest DJs think a lot about how they make meaningful links between the tracks they play to tell stories in their sets. Here's one more tool for digging up those gems to make your mixes that much more unique.

What do you do as a DJ to make your sets memorable?