News: Mixcloud Soundcloud Importer

Mixcloud has just made a new Soundcloud importer available for all users. This means you can now import all your Soundcloud mix content directly to Mixcloud.

Why bother? Well, Mixcloud has licensing agreements in place with copyright collection societies so any content you upload is totally legit and won't get taken down :) Always a good thing. I mean, how will you show your buddies that amazing ALL JA RULE ALBUM CUTS mixtape you made if it's been pulled down?

Soundcloud has experienced some licensing complications recently, so keeping your content on multiple platforms is smart.

There's also a nice integration with Serato Playlists that allows you to import Serato DJ playlist data directly, so you don't have to bother about track listing or time stamping!

We're active on Mixcloud with a bi-weekly mix series called SeratoCast. Follow us and hear hot mixes from all of our favourite DJs and artists.

Get those tapes uppp.

SeratoCasts by Serato on Mixcloud