Melodics: Cue Point Drumming For DJs

Introducing Melodics on the DDJ-SZ from Melodics on Vimeo.

As you might have seen in the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals this year, cue point drumming (yes, button pushing...) has become a real staple in the competitive DJs toolkit. Whether it's recreating some intricate tone-play, thrashing out a hot break or just shooting airhorns all over the place - it takes some practice to really do this well. So how does one get good at finger drumming?

Local New Zealand company, Melodics, has developed a new app which will help teach you how to be the next AraabMuzik. Their approach is one half game, one half audio production software and is a really handy tool for anyone wanting to learn pad drumming for production or DJing. In a nutshell, Melodics is a series of interactive lessons that allow you to progress through numerous levels and develop your skills. We've been going through these ourselves and it's definitely addictive! 

You can also try out Melodics for free with their selection of 20 introduction lessons including some new cue point drumming fundamentals. Once you are ready to take things further, subscribing gives you unlimited access to their full program including exclusive lessons from top DJs and producers such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jeremy Ellis, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Eskei83 and more... 

Download Melodics and try it out for free.

Melodics has support for a huge range of hardware, so you can learn on the device you will be playing on. For DJs, they have support for the following controllers:

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ
  • Rane TTM57mkII
  • Reloop Neon
  • Vestax VCI-380
  • Vestax Pad One
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro 2
  • Numark NS7 3
  • Numark NV

Here's a list of all their supported devices.If your particular controller isn't supported natively, here's some advice from their team on setting this upor just get in touch with them, they’re adding support for new controllers all the time.

If you're thinking of using Serato Flip but don't really have the skills to get the business done on your pads just yet, Melodics is a great tool to train yourself up. You can also read our ProTip guide on setting up cue points for making Flips :)