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How To DJ With A Laptop - Using Loops To Mix

After getting familiar with the basics of mixing and music theory you'll be ready for the lesson of how to use loops in this episode.

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12 Apr, 2018

Red Bull 3Style - 3rd Qualifying Night Recap

Blakey from our Artist Relation team arrived in Poland on the night of the Red Bull 3Style 3rd Qualifier. It wasn't all party and fun for Blakey, we made him take notes to report back with a write-up of the event.

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11 Feb, 2018

Pro Tip: Using Sync To Change Tempo

While Sync is a great tool for keeping your mixes in time, it also has other benefits including the ability to do drastic tempo changes to completely change the vibe of your sets. Learn more in this short pro tip!

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5 Dec, 2016

Learn: Analysing Files

Before playing music in any Serato software, it is essential to analyze your music files. The analyze files function processes the music in your library to detect file corruption, build and save waveform overviews, calculate auto-gain, key and BPM.

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1 Dec, 2016

Learn: Ableton Link

Ableton Link provides a way of syncing Serato DJ to Ableton Live, syncing multiple Serato DJ setups as well as your Serato DJ setup with other supported Link apps - all wirelessly. Learn how to set this up with Serato DJ 1.9.3.

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23 Sep, 2016

2016 Global Spin DJ Expo

The 2016 Global Spin DJ Expo is a special event happening on the 17th September in New York City for DJs to try out the latest in music technology, network and be part of the culture. Scratch DJ Academy will be there offering DJ lessons and much more. Read on...

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7 Sep, 2016

SoundSwitch: Set and forget!

SoundSwitch is a new product by fellow NZ company, Onesixnine, that allows you to sync custom lighting shows to your music in Serato DJ. Learn how to use the Autoloops feature, which lets you set up automatic lighting loops for when you play tracks that you've not pre-scripted. Set and forget!

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27 Jul, 2016

DJ Dwells "At All" Routine for Short Cuts

Watch the latest A-Trak Presents: Short Cuts video with DJ Dwells, filmed at the Serato Studio in Brooklyn. Watch the young homie Dwells doing a live re-work of "At All" by Kaytranada.

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27 Jul, 2016

Get Tickets: Red Bull Thre3Style USA Finals

The Red Bull Thre3Style USA Final will be hosted in Philadelphia this year with six of America's best open-format DJs taking the stage to try and claim a spot at the world finals in Chile later this year. Grab tickets now and watch history go down!

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25 Jul, 2016

DJ Big Wiz Reviews the Mixars DUO

Watch DJ Big Wiz take you through the new Mixars DUO, 2-channel mixer for Serato DJ. Check out a short demo of the on board controls and some of the unique features available on this mixer.

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12 Jul, 2016

Red Bull 3Style: NZ Finals

The New Zealand regional Red Bull Thre3Style final is happening next week! Check out all the finalists and watch their entry videos to get a taste of what they will bring to the battle in the quest for a ticket to Chile to fight for the world championship.

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21 Jun, 2016

DJ AM Documentary Available Worldwide On Demand

AS I AM, the DJ AM documentary following the story of his life, career and the battles he faced personally is now available to view on several on-demand platforms worldwide. Read more and find out where you can watch this.

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14 Jun, 2016